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"The bone in your burger"

A friend of mine told me that I filled the space that nobody expected when they ordered it. Hence "The bone in your burger". My work focuses on what makes me laugh. If I'm drawing models in the studio, you can find my muse transforming the studio into a story as nude dudes are placed in awkward inappropriate public settings. Technology has changed how I work in digital. I prefer to shoot video and photos with a GoPro & iPhone. The power of being able to capture things as you experience them allows you to never miss a shot. Then I bring that material into a dark spin through editing and animating that world till it's just obnoxious  enough for my amusement. 

The scrap book below is a collage of my life. My muse of humor is shown as I see it and with a splash of macabre drawn
with a heavy hand. My role as a community advocate drives me to find new ways that simplify documenting events and take
advantage of new technology. These two ideas collide in gallery below as my treasure chest of happenings.

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